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North Rowan Middle School Band Music Terms Crossword Puzzle

Keith Howe

This crossword uses the majority of music terms covered in the first year of band. It is intended to serve as a review for the end of year test.

2         3
4   5                  
7                     8            
    9       10       11          
    13                   14   15     16
18 19            
  22                       23      
24                   25      
27   28               29    
30     31     32        
        33           34
  37             38      

5.mouth formation used to play an instrument
7.medium loud
8.fast tempo
9.playing a piece of music for the "first time"
12.a melody in a piece of music
13.scale of 12 ascending or descending notes - all the sharps, naturals and flats
17.two players or two parts
20.softness or loudness of music
22." ' " sign than tells you when to breath
23."lowers" a note a 1/2 step
24.shorten the note; detached
25.small group or section playing
28.medium soft
30.majestically, grand, proud
33.large group or everyone plays
35.emphasize a note
36.hold a note or make longer
37.musical statement , often 4 or 8 measures
38.only one player
1.clef for trombone, tuba; locates F on 4th line
3.gradually softer
4.gradually louder
6.short line used for notes above or below the staff
10.4/4 - top number tells number of counts per measure
11.symbol that alters a note for one measure - a sharp (#) or flat (b)
14."raises" a note a 1/2 step higher
15.the way you start or attack a note
16.line that "connects" two or more of the "same" note
18.distance between to notes or pitches
19.rit. - gradually slowing the music
21.two or more notes played at the same time
27.two or more notes played at the same time
28.area between 2 bar lines
29.walking tempo; medium slow
31.5 lines and 4 spaces for written music
32.connects two or more "different" notes
34.speed of a piece of music

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