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Bones and Joints

1 2   3  
7       8                
  9                 10      
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20               21    

2.Protects heart and lungs
4.Bones of the spine
5.Allows bones to move
7.Soft bones in the elderly
9.Lubricates joints (2 Words)
12.Bones of the body
13.Made in bone marrow (2 Words)
16.Joint found in the skull
19.Holds bones together
20.Correct name for skull
21.Replaces bone marrow as you get older
1.Covers the ends of bones
3.Hip and shoulder are examples of this (3 Words)
6.Where two bones meet
8.Process of making bone
10.Flat, irregular, short and _____ are types of bones
11.A function of the skeleton
14.Type of joint found in the elbow
15.Correct name for the kneecap
17.Bones are made of this
18.Bone found in the top of the arm

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