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Canada in the 1930's

Mr. McLean

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1.PM from 1930 to 1935.
6.People on relief had to give up their ______ permit.
7.Social Credit leader in Alberta
10."Worst of times" in the economic cycle.
14.A drop in Canada's ________ sales helped to cause the Great Depression.
15.Relief camps were for _________ unemployed men.
16.Nearly twenty-______ percent of working age Canadians were unemployed by 1933.
17.Relief camps were located in _______ regions of the country.
18.The stock market "crashed" on _______ 29, 1929.
20.Canada's _______ resources include grain, minerals and forestry products.
25.Bennett belonged to the __________ Party.
27.Where the On-to-Ottawa Trek came to an end.
28.Persons receiving relief payments had to be willing to participate in ________ projects. (2 Words)
29.Cooperative ______________ Federation
32.Leader of Quebec's Union Nationale.
33.He became Ontario's premier in 1934.
34.American president for most of the Depression.
35.Fungus disease that killed grain crops.
36."Best of times" in the economic cycle.
2.A cause of the Depression was too much expansion by businesses in the 1920s.
3.High international _______ hurt Canada's export sales.
4.Elected PM in 1935.
5."Buying on ______"
8.Swarms of these attacked Prairie grain crops.
9.Lowest rate of unemployment during the Depression.
11.The ________ Strike of 1937 was considered a major breakthrough for unions in Canada.
12._______ insurance was an idea promoted by the CCF.
13.Nickname for relief payments.
17."Riding the ______" was a common means by which unemployed men travelled the nation in search of work.
19.The _______ Triangle
21.W.L.M. King belonged to the _________ Party.
22.The On-to-Ottawa Trek began in ___________.
23.Many people were reluctant to accept "handouts" because they thought it was a ______ that they could not support their families.
24.An automobile pulled by a horse or oxen during the Great Depression. (2 Words)
26.A founder of the CCF.
30.In the 1935 election Bennett offered a "____ ______" for Canadians. (2 Words)
31.__________ wages came about due to the Great Depression.

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