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CPI and Inflation

1       2              
4               5
10                     11      
  13 14

1.Problem caused by inflation- Increased __________ 12
4.Benefit of price stability - increased govt. ____________ 7
6.Problem caused by inflation- ________ demands 4
7.___________ policy is another type of policy use to reduce inflation but this determined by the ECB 8
8.This type of policy on tax and expenditure used to maintain price stability 6
9.Used to measure inflation 3
10.A source of demand pull inflation 4 and 6
11.Measures inflation in Europe
12.Problem caused by inflation- Lower _______ of ________ 8 and 6
15.An example of imported inflation 3 and 9
2.The weighting given to each category of goods in the CPI is determined by the ______of _______ spent on the goods 10 and 6
3.A source of cost push inflation 5
5.General decrease in the average level of prices 9
13.An example of govt-induced inflation 3
14.Who calculates inflation 3

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