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Economics ch. 11 Investments


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5.stocks that represent ownership shares in corporations
6.long term individual account to help provide income during retirement
7.over the counter stock exchange made up primarily of technology stocks
8.investors contract to gurantee them of selling shares at a price in the future (2 Words)
11.market where financial assets can be resold to new owners
12.benchmark of stock performance that includes all 3 major stock exchanges (3 Words)
15.financial institution that typically charges the highest rates on loans (3 Words)
17.strong stock market with prices moving up (2 Words)
19.annual interest divided by the purchase price
21.someone who inherits assets if the purchaser dies
23.market where money is loaned for more than one year (2 Words)
24.stock transaction that is made immediately at the market price (2 Words)
25.exceptionally risky bonds
26.person who buys or sells equities
27.stock company that invests in many different stocks to spread the risk (THE BEST) (2 Words)
1.claims on the property and income of the borrower (2 Words)
2.the right to buy something at a specific future price (2 Words)
3.retirement payment intended to provide security for someone working a number of years
4.nonbank financial institution set up to protect survivors of the insured (3 Words)
9.the largest stock exchange in the world, not the American (2 Words)
10.tax deferred stock investment that acts as a pension fund (2 Words)
13.holding many different stocks so you don't lose all your money in one place
14.an account where money is loaned for less than one year and is liquid (2 Words)
16.down turn in stock prices for a significant period of time (2 Words)
18.when the government does not tax interest paid on an investment (2 Words)
20.bonds that are rock solid and are solid by local governments
22.the original total amount borrowed (2 Words)

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