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U.S.A. Studies Weekly Crossword (Weeks 7-14)

Mariella Florimonte

A crossword puzzle from the U.S.A. Studies Weekly issues Weeks 7-14. Educational purposes only.

1 2 3                          
  5   6
7                           8
10     11 12    
  13                         14    
18               19               20
22     23    
  24                       25              
  26 27 28                    
29                             30                    

2.prison for people who owed money and couldn't pay it back
4.a disease that causes spots on the skin
7.corn, beans, and squash
9.writing or publishing comments that hurt a person's reputation
13.basic material from which a product is made
15.resistance to diseases
16.restraint straps used in ship stalls to hold large animals
17.a village built by people from another area
18.person who supervises others
19.paper filigree
24.the practice of raising silkworms
25.a tribe that lived in the village of Werowocomoco
28.a game in which you place marbles in a ring and use a big marble to shoot at the other players' marbles
29.a government of elected persons representing the people
31.groups of citizen soldiers
32.the day slaves in Texas heard news of the Emancipation Proclamation
33.a person who refuses to pay taxes and wants everyone treated equally
34.basic foods used every day in the New World
1.refusing to buy
3.an executive order written by Abraham Lincoln that put an end to slavery in the United States
5.incorrect information that is spread to convince others that it is true
6.betraying your country's government
8.settlements owned and ruled by another country
10.another name for the Pennsylvania Dutch
11.companies of men from the militia
12.to hit someone with a whip or stick to punish them for bad behaviour
14.a term that describes trade betrweeen three continents or ports
20.loyal to the British king
21.not fresh and partly salty
22.a system where people are treated as property to be sold/bought and are forced to work
23.a small fort two miles north of St. Augustine
26.a system of money used in a country/countries
27.a digestive disorder
30.slaves' relatives who lived in the coastal areas of the Carolinas

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