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502 Vascular Technology Final Exam

Shahina Siddiqui

Chapter 28-35

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3.------ ----- ----- of greater than ----- in diameter requires surgical repair to prevent rupture, ------ aneurysm of 3 cm or greater in diameter requires surgical repair to prevent rupture, The risk of rupture ------- with the increase in size of the aneurysm, Atherosclerosis and thrombosis occurring in the aneurysm can generate ------ that obstruct distal arteries of the ankle and/or foot, ---------abdominal aortic aneurysm can cause pain in the abdomen, back, or lower extremity
6.They normally have low resistance flow, Intrarenal branches normally have resistive index lesser than 0.7, Peak systolic velocity in the renal artery of 180-200 cm/s or greater and renal-to-aortic ratio of greater than 3.3 suggest 50-60% diameter-------
7.Normal flow pattern in the portal vein is ---- -----, Normal mean flow velocity is 15-18 cm/s
8.complication associated with ----- ------ -----Renal artery stenosis b. Increased peak systolic velocity and poststenotic turbulence suggests stenosis c. Absence of color flow in the renal allograft artery suggests occlusion d. Dilated renal allograft vein with no color flow suggests occlusion
11.splanchnic arterial -----Poststenotic turbulence and spectral broadeningPeak systolic velocity ----- than 200 cm/s , Velocity ratio ----- than 3.0, Parvus------ waveform
13.It arises from the left ----- ----- aspect of the abdominal aorta below the level of the renal arteries, It supplies blood to the ----- and descending colon, sigmoid, and rectum, It demonstrates high-resistance flow during fasting, It demonstrates ------resistance flow after a meal
15.They arise from the aorta just ------- the origin of the superior mesenteric artery, The right renal artery is ----- than the left renal artery, They arise from the ----- ------ aspect of the abdominal aorta, The right renal artery courses laterally from the aorta and passes behind the------ ----- ----- on its way to the right renal hilum
16.Portal vein is formed by the joining of the splenic vein with the ----- ------ vein, The joining of the splenic and mesenteric veins occurs behind the pancreatic ------, Portal vein transports blood from the ----- and ----- to the liver, Portal vein enters the ------ ------ or liver hilum and divides into right and left portal veins, Left portal vein supplies the left hepatic lobe, and right portal vein supplies the right hepatic lobe
17.intrarenal branches would suggest significant------- renal stenosis with signs of Parvus-tardus flow pattern, Increased rise time exceeding 0.07 second , Absence of the early systolic peak
19.The velocity ratio equals the peak systolic velocity at the mesenteric arterial stenosis over the---- ------ velocity in the abdominal aorta, Normal velocity ratio is slightly ------ than 1.0 , Velocity ratio ------ than 3.0 suggests -------- significant stenosis
20.Celiac trunk, Superior mesenteric artery, Inferior mesenteric artery
24.Normal flow direction in the portal vein is Toward the liver called as----
25.Collateral between celiac artery and superior mesenteric artery within the ------- arcade, Collateral between superior mesenteric artery and inferior mesenteric artery within the arc of ------, Collateral between superior mesenteric artery and inferior mesenteric artery within the marginal artery of -------
26.Normal diameter of the ---- ----- is Less than 13 mm
27.It is best visualized using a high-frequency transducer because it is located rather superficial, It normally stays enlarged for several months, It normally has a slightly dilated collecting system
1.The median arcuate ligament is a leaflet of the diaphragm that connects the right and left crura of the diaphragm, During expiration, the ligament compresses on the celiac artery, causing stenosis and increase in velocities, During inspiration, the celiac artery is not compressed, resulting in decrease in velocities, The median arcuate ligament syndrome can result in a ------ ---- -----
2.It is a connection between the ---- portal vein and the right or middle------ vein, It is a treatment for portal hypertension, It is inserted via the common femoral vein, With a working TIPS, flow in the portal vein increases and there is good flow through the shunt, It reduces ascites, prevents hemorrhage from gastroesophageal varices, and improves quality of life for patients with severe cirrhosis
4.Segmental arteries, Interlobar arteries, Arcuate arteries, Interlobular arteries
5.It arises -------- from the abdominal aorta just below the origin of the celiac artery, It supplies blood to the small -----, ascending colon, and more than half of transverse colon, In sagittal view, it is seen coursing ------- to the-------, During fasting, it demonstrates high-resistance flow pattern, Post meal, it demonstrates low-resistance flow pattern
9.It is a direct branch of the Celiac,It supplies blood to the------, and it demonstrates ------resistance flow pattern, It courses on the ------- ------- margin of the body and tail of the pancreas, The proximal portion is best viewed in ------ scan plane at the level of the celiac artery, The majority of the splenic artery is very difficult to visualize because it is very -------
10.splanchnic arteries during fasting, shows Normal peak systolic velocity range in the celiac artery is 98-105 cm/s, Peak systolic velocity of 200 cm/s or----- in the celiac artery suggests 50% or greater stenosis, Normal peak systolic velocity range in the superior mesenteric artery is 97-142 cm/s, Peak systolic velocity of 275 cm/s or ------ in the superior mesenteric artery suggests 70% or greater stenosis------- -- ---- of greater than 45 cm/s in the superior ------ artery suggests 50% or greater stenosis
12.It is formed by the joining of the right and left ----- ------- veins, It courses to the ----- of the aorta and terminates at the ----- ------, ----- segment is usually well seen with a normal diameter of 2.5 cm, In the distal segment, it demonstrates phasic flow, In the proximal segment, it demonstrates some pulsatility
14.prevention of pulmonary embolism is by ----- ------ The filter is inserted into the IVC via the ----- ---- ----- or jugular vein, The filter prevents thrombus from floating into the ------t heart and then to the lung
16.With ----- ------, flow in the portal vein may become continuous or nonphasic, With portal hypertension, flow in the portal vein may become biphasic, With portal hypertension, flow in the portal vein may be hepatofugal ,Retrograde flow in the portal vein suggests abnormal portal venous system
18.----- ---- arise from the abdominal aorta just ---- the origin of the superior mesenteric artery, Right renal artery courses anterior to the IVC, Left renal vein course between the aorta and the SMA , Renal vein courses anterior to renal artery
21.portal hypertension caused by cirrhosis which is due to ----- ----- or hepatitis results in hepatocyte injury leads to tissue necrosis, fibrosis, and attempted regrowth of liver tissue, The spleen -------, its length exceeds 13 cm, Right liver lobe shrinks, Hepatic vessels become less visible
22.Flow-reducing stenosis in the renal artery will Demonstrate ----- ------ at the stenosis, Demonstrate -------- turbulence, color mosaic, and color bruit, Cause renal ischemia, which in turn triggers the ------ ------- mechanism, resulting hypertension
23.Transplant kidney is also called------ -------

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