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What's It Called? Breastfeeding Crossword

Increase your knowledge of breastfeeding related words.

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1.Breastfed babies do not follow this in deciding when or how often they want to eat
6.What parents will count to monitor babys intake in the first days
8.Refers to the moment that hindmilk becomes available to your nursing baby
9.Another word used for breastfeeding
11.Applied to the breasts to help increase milk flow while baby is breastfeeding
12.What a breastfeeding mother can use to express milk
14.The very first milk that a breast makes when a baby is born
15.The darker coloured skin around the nipple
2.When the breasts are overfull of milk
3.Another word for "hold" of the baby to breastfeed
4.The milk that the infant will receive after a 5-10 minutes of breastfeeding
5.Removing milk from the breast by any means other than breastfeeding
7.A breastfeeding mom will need to omit this or consult with a health care provider before using
10.This is to be limited or avoided to promote more time and energy from baby for breastfeeding
13.A term that refers to the way the baby attaches to the breast

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