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Pers Finance Objective 1.01 Economic Activities

Susan Smith

3     4
6                 7 8  
13                             14 15            
  18   19                              
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5.items with lasting value; purchase of these items is a variation of saving
6.to be promoted or given a salary/wage raise
9.lifestyle one can afford considering income and expenses
11.opportunity to acquire a job, advance, launch or grow one's business
13.limited resources individuals, companies, nations have at their disposal to meet consumers' unlimited wants and needs
15.obtain money by one's productivity, business ownership, or return on investments
17.money gained from one's productivity, assets, or investments
19.highest-valued alternative that's sacrificed when one makes a choice
20.amount of goods and services available at a point in time
21.amount of money consumers save in an economic period
22.six month (or longer )period when growth is declining or stagnant
24.use money to buy goods and services
25.amount of goods or services an employee produces
1.total output of a nation's goods and services
2.amount of goods and services consumers desire at a point in time
3.choosing one item or decision in lieu of another
4.buy now and pay later for a purchase
7.acquire money, good, or services from a person or entity in exchange for promise of future payment(s)
8.possess sufficient investments and/or savings to withstand emergencies/crises
10.direction in which the workplace is moving
12.fixed or variable percentage of a sum borrowed which is added to the debt's repayment figure
14.free enterprise system where consumers react to the economy with their earnings by their spending, saving, borrowing
16.period when citizens and businesses are financially stable and thriving
18.period of time when demand for goods and services is high and prices keep rising, also
23.set aside money for future use

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