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Pers Finance Comp 8.00 Saving & Investing

Ms. Susan Smith

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2.tax-deferred retirement plan for self-employed individuals (2 Words)
6.ease with which the interest rate or cash value of an investment can fluctuate up or down
8.savings plan with earnings NOT taxed, but taxed contributions (2 Words)
11.certificate of deposit stating that the money is deposited for a set period (6 or 12 mo., 2 yrs, etc.)
12.stock with fixed rates for dividends and less risk of investment loss (2 Words)
14.nontransferable U.S. Treasury debt certificate (2 Words)
16.income that can be made on one's investment
19.stock whose return on investment varies and has higher risk of value loss (2 Words)
20.saving and investing activities, i.e., deposits, withdrawals, transfers
21.stock in the largest, most successful companies, least risky stock to buy (3 Words)
22.company or government debt certificate entitling a holder to its face value plus interest by a set date
23.ease in converting an asset into cash
1.deferred tax account to save money for retirement with steep penalty for early withdrawal (3 Words)
3.financial institution account in which the account owner makes deposits and withdrawals and earns slim periodic interest on the account balance (2 Words)
4.extremely risky stock that costs less than $1 per share (2 Words)
5.money left over after business expenses have been paid
7.money paid to use another's money over time
9.put money to work earning interest over time
10.stock of still developing companies; investing in these is more risky (2 Words)
13.savings account in which deposits are invested to yield extra earnings (2 Words)
15.shares of assets and earnings of a company
17.possibility of earning or losing money from an investment
18.selective grouping of investments held in common whose total package is offered for investment (2 Words)

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