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Marvel Superheroes Crossword

Alan Perez

This crossword is about Marvel Heroes. Try to guess as many as you can! P.S. These are some, not all of them!

1 2
  3   4
5           6         7  
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  19 20                        

5.A playboy millionaire who fights at night time. He has many ships and are his transportations. This hero is healed by the aviator god Khonsu and goes back to America after being in Egypt. He now has more power.
10."The Merc with The Mouth"; he could teleport like Nightcrawler. He has a runny mouth and never stops talking. His weapons are blades and guns. He likes joking a lot.
14.A playboy millionaire; one of the top Avengers who wears armor as his primary weapon. Later he becomes a competitor to lead SHIELD.
15.One of the members of the Fantasic Four; she is the stealthy member of the group. She could help out anybody who is losing in a fight and could prevent the person from being crushed more. This member could also stress out any person with her force spheres.
17.The leader of the Fantastic 4; he could stretch his arms. He could get anything from a distance or something from another room.
19.A cyclist who makes a contract with Mephisto to ressurect his father; he is very cool. He undergoes a weird transformation with very supernatural powers. He rides on a motorcycle and uses chains as his main weapons.
21.The leader of SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcements and Logistics Divisions). He is the boss of the Avengers. He is the best friend of Dum Dum Dugan.
22.The well-known vampire hunter-hero; he has blades and knives for his hunting. He defends himself a lot. He only has mercy on Morbius, a vampire who fights for good and become one by a lab accident.
23."The Man Who is Really Made Out of Steel"; a member of the X-Men. He could make a steel curtain to defend himself. He is also bulletproof and made out of real steel.
1.He is a member of the X-Men; he could freeze most things. He is the most cool superhero and he is pretty trustworthy.
2."The Green Goliath"; gamma radiation touched a doctor making him into this giant. He is a member of the Avengers; the most angriest one of all of them. The more angry he gets, the more powerful he gets.
3.The Weapon X; co-leader of the X-Men. He is the partner of Cyclops and second love interest of Phoenix.
4.He is the leader of the X-Men; he is blind like Daredevil. His partner is Wolverine, and he has a special weapon that can be used to shoot rays. He has determination and courage; he is the husband of Phoenix.
6.One of the X-Men; he is the son of Mystique. He has the power to teleport like Deadpool. His swords are very helpful in his adventures. He also has the power to climb.
7.Got bitten by a spider; didn't want to be an Avenger at first but soon did. One of the members of the New Avengers.
8.A puny man at first but later became the best soldier in WWII. He is found by the Avengers in the ocean and becomes one of the best ones in Marvel History
9.This hero is an assasin and ninja at the same time. She has twin blades that are a very good attacking source; she is also the girlfriend of Dardevil. Sometimes she could be good, and sometimes possessed.
11.One of the members for the Fantastic Four; he got supernatural powers in a space accident. He has the power to burn anything and a showoff.
12.The best-known Hero for Hire; his partner is Iron Fist. He used to be weak but became powerful with an electric serum. The serum made him bullet proof and hard skin that couldn't be cut. He is the leader of the New Avengers.
13.One of the members of the Fantastic Four; he is the bruiser of the group. He has fought with Hulk many times. "Its Clobberin' Time!"
16.Blind hero; he uses radar sense to sense his surroundings. His weapons are billy clubs; he fights a lot of ninjas.
18.A prince from the kingdom of Asgard who will become the next king of Asgard but fights his jealous brother Loki from taking the throne. His father, King Odin of Asgard, sends him to earth to learn humility. He meets the Avengers and soon becomes one of them. He defends his hometown at the same time.
20.One of the best Avengers. He can make almost every shot in target; one of his enemies is Bullseye, who makes everything on target. He used to be an archist for a circus.

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