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Vocabulary Review

Mya Davis

Use the content and academic vocabulary terms to create a crossword puzzle on graph paper.

1                   2                        
4   5   6            
7                                 8    
9   10                                 11
14 15                        
          16     17  
20       21                    

1.insurance that covers physical injuries caused by a vehicle accident for which youre responsible
3.group of people who can not get motor vehicle insurance
5.Another term for evaluated
7.Coverage that provides protection for your residence
9.Mtehod for settling claims
12.Anything that increases the likelihood of loss through Peril
14.Deliberate destruction of provate or public property
18.Addition to coverage
19.Joins a risk sharing gruop by purchasing a contract known as this
20.also means Required
22.Anything that may possibly cause a loss
23.Protection against possible financial lost
24.Pays the cost of minor accidential injuries to vistors on your property
2.covers you and our familiy members if you are involved in an accident with a uninsured hit and run driver
4.motor vehicle insurance that applies when you damage the property of others
6.Covers the damage or loss of a specific item of high value
8.drivers who are involved in accidents collect money from their own insurance companies
10.Fee for Insurance
11.Legal responsibility for the financial cost of another persons lost or injuries
13.Chance of loss of injury
15.Payment you receive based on the replacement cost of a item minus deprication
16.Failure to take ordinary or reasonable care to prevent accidents from happening
17.Set amount that a policyholder must pay
21.To take upon yourself

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