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Milla Jovovich

1   2         3
4     5
6 7                 8    
  9         10      
      11                   12  
  13                     14  
15               16                        

1.She was born in
7.Who was her ex-husband?
9.What is her favorite color?
11.Joan of Arc.
13.A Vampire Super-Human Strength.
15.Her birthday is _________________ 17th, 1975.
16.Her Science Fiction Thriller movie.
17.She played Alice. Killing Zombies. Guns and Weapons. Umbrella Corpation. T-Virus.
18.An Action Movie. She was more than a thief. With Star Wars Actor Samuel L. Jackson.
19.Leeloo. In the Distant Future. Co-Stars with Die Hard Actor Bruce Willis.
20.Her father is_____________.
21.She was in Ben Stiller's movie.
2.Her mother is_____________.
3.She practices Brazillian ________________ Martial Arts.
4.A Russian Film.
5.Her natural hair color.
6.Who is she married to a director of Resident Evil?
8.Comedy-Drama Movie with King Kong Actor Adrien Brody.
10.She played Milady de Winter. Co-Stars with Percey Jackson Actor Logan Lerman and POTC & LOTR Actor Orlando Bloom.
12.Her daughter's name:
14.Her thriller movie. Co-Stars with Scream 2 Actor Timothy Olyphant.

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