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Ch 14 Injuries to the Tissues Key Terms

Ken McCall

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1.the study of the structure of the body
5.a crack or break in a bone
6.a soft tissue injury caused by the penetration of a sharp object
9.a reaction that involves the whole body rather than just a part of it
10.a soft tissue injury caused by seepage of blood into tissue
13.an open wound, road burn, or rug burn in which the outer layer of skin has been scraped off
14.the maximum range through which a joint can move
15.a pulled muscle
16.the point at which two or more bones meet
18.inflammation of a tendon
19.inflammation of the synovial membrane in a joint, characterized by pain, swelling, localized tension, and increased pain with movement
21.a painful soft tissue injury in which a flap of tissue is torn loose or pulled off completely
23.a structure within the body made up of tissues that allow it to perform a particular function
24.a thickened, usually painless, area of skin caused by friction or pressure
27.a bubble-like collection of fluid beneath or within the epidermis of the skin
28.a collection of similar cells and their intercellular substances that work together to perform a particular function
29.a band of white, fibrous, connective tissue that helps hold bone to bone
2.a condition in which bone forms in and replaces muscle tissue as a result of trauma
3.inflammation of a bursa
4.a blood-filled swollen area
6.the study of the function of the body
7.the separation of a joint and malposition of an extremity
8.a crackling or grating sound heard upon movement of a damaged bone or joint.
11.a partial dislocation
12.a jagged tear in the flesh
17.fibrous connective tissue around a joint that connects muscle to bone
20.a stretching or tearing of the ligaments, characterized by the inability to move, deformity, and pain
22.a clean, straight, knife-like cut
25.a rigid device that holds parts of the body together and limits motion
26.the basic unit of life

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