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Checking Accounts and Other Banking Services

Madeline Raster

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4.the process of matching your checkbook register with the bank statement
6.a check written for more money than your account contains
10.an endorsement that transfers the right to cash the check to someone else
13.signature of the payee written exactly as their name appears on the front of the check
1.restricts or limits the use of a check
2.a request that the bank not cash a specific check
3.another word for checking account
5.a booklet used to record checking account transactions
7.a check written by a bank on its own funds
8.a check that bears the bank's stamp, indicating that it is cleared
9.a personal check that the bank guarantees or certifies to be good
11.when you realize your account contains insufficient funds, but you write a check anyways, hoping that a deposit will clear before the check is cashed
12.a written order to a bank to pay the stated amount to the person or business named on it

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