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Chapter 13 - Nervous Tissue

BIO 1551

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1.Part of neuron that contains neuro tranmitter (2 Words)
3.Sensory division
5.A more energy efficient formof conduction (2 Words)
7.NT made by removing carboxylic acid from amino acid
10.skeletel muscles
12.Type of neuron that has receptors for NT linked ion channels (2 Words)
14.modify synaptic transmission
15.Bundle of hundreds to thousands of axons of individual neurons plus associated connective tissue and blood vessels
16."Onion skin" like lumps where myelination occurs (3 Words)
21.Lipid compound that help action potential (2 Words)
22.Gas that when it enters the presynaptic neuron, it stimulates addition NT release
23.Process of adding up postsynaptic potentials and responding to the net effect
24.AP's cannot be stopped if threshold is met
29.Responsible for protein synthesis in neuron (2 Words)
30.Action potential does not get weaker with distance
31.Traveling wave of excitation created by series of AP's (2 Words)
32.type of electrical potential produced by voltage-gated ions
33.Target for SSRI drugs
34.Helps brain function when oxygen is low
35.the conversion of information to a meaningful pattern of AP's
2.Uses 70% of the nervous system's ATP (3 Words)
4.Pain tolerance
6.Synaptic pain transmission (2 Words)
8.Axon transport away from a cell body
9.Prepare for action
11.Calming or slowing down
17.Axon transport toward cell body
18.Events and facts that can be put into words
19.small masses of nervous tissue located outside the brain
20.Motor division
25.retention of motor skills
26.type of electrical potential which occurs in only a small area of neuron
27.Short-term memory
28.Neuron growth and synaptic formation

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