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The Solar System!

Simon Foley

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2.It appears as a blemish on the face of the sun
5.It orbits around the Earth, and rockets are sometimes sent there
6.An asteroids that is now also considered a dwarf planet
9.A range of space rocks
11.Rocks that float around in space
15.Largest planet in our solar system
18.Pieces of dirty rock and ice that travel through the universe
20.The planet we live on
21.Our planet mostly consists of this
22.Was named after a Roman goddess
23.The central star in our universe
1.Not a planet, a dwarf planet
3.Artificial objects that float around in Earth's orbit
4.Unmanned probes have been sent there
5.Occasionally these crash down into our planet
7.These hover around earth, discarded from rocket launches and satellites
8.A person who works with space related things
10.Technology that orbit around Earth and is used for communication and broadcasting
12.What an astronaut goes up into space in
13.A natural force that pulls things down
14.The planet closest to the sun
16.Produced by the sun, is heat for the planets
17.Gravitational pull around planets
19.What everything is made out of

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