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Drug & Alcohol Crossword Puzzle

Tabitha Ferraira

You will be given clues and definitions that will help you solve this crossword puzzle. An answer may require two words, but DON'T put any spaces in between them. No words will be repeated.

2               3
4   5          
7                 8     9        
  11                     12
14 15                
16   17              

2.also known as Special K, "K", or vitamin K
5.Most common abused opiate usually injected to get high
6.unsafe or misuse of drugs (2 Words)
7.when the healthy cells of the liver replaced with scar tissue, usually caused be drinking
8.contributing to someones addiction
10.Could cause a distortion in someone's perception
11.drugs that causes alertness and increase energy
15.Also known as shrooms, caps, or boomers
16.depressant people drink usually when they go out to a club or party
18.the feeling of needing someone or depending on someone
19.when friends and family try to help an addiction come to realization about their problem
20."He was clean for 6 months, than he had a _________ and he is drinking again."
1.drugs that slow you down and cause relaxation
3.a stimulant also known as coke
4.also known as bud, pot, dope, or weed
9.having more the 5 drinks in one sitting (2 Words)
12.a club drug also known as "X", "E", love drug, or lovers' speed
13.Also known as a date rape drug, roofies,or forget-me pill
14.drug used medically for a patient in severe pain
17.Another name for meth or ice

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