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Advertising Themes

D. Plants

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2.The ad couples the product with erotica so a positive feeling is created for the product
4.someone usually famous endorses the product
5.associates product or service with a personality or lifestyle
7.The use of vague terms to mislead the viewer into thinking the product is better than it really is
11.uses pity, fear, etc., to sell a product or service
12.the advertiser compares its product or service to the competition in a way that is favorable to the advertiser.
14.makes product or service familiar to consumer
15.identifies product or service with a symbol
16.identify its product with ordinary people just like you.
17.list of reasons why the product or service is good
1.Associating products with something you like or value
3.consumers will be getting something extra for less money
6.uses words germain to the science of the produce to impress the consumer
8.use this product or service and your problems will disappear
9.everyone else is using it so should you.
10.repeats product or service over and over to familiarize product to consumer
13.identifies product or service with an idea

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