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Automobile Purchase Unit

Chuck Nolen

Designed by chuck Nolen on 5.13.13

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7.This is the legal action taken if a person quits paying on an automobile loan.
9.In case of damage to the vehicle, this financial protection pays for damages.
12.Sport utility vehicle
13.The equipment under the hood that allows the engine to change gears.
17.the percentage of the loan amount charged the buyer to own the vehicle.
18.where the steering wheel and seats are located.
19.An automobile accident that involves a death with criminal charges pending.
21.Legislation enacted to protect buyers from making bad vehicle purchases.
23.The customary act one does before buying a vehicle.
25.Driving Under the Influence (alcohol or drugs0
26.Alcohol made from lliving plants and mixed with gasoline.
28.Miles Per Gallon
29.The document the buyer, the vehicle seller and the bank person must sign.
30.a sleek and speedy vehicle.
1.time allowed to pay off the vehicle loan
2.The amount of money paid up front to help secure the vehicle loan.
3.burglar alarm on a vehicle that alerts the authorities or others.
4.The legal documents that show who owns the vehicle.
5.Name of a very prominent auto insurance company.
6.Insurance that covers only the other party inovlved in a vehicle incident.
8.Vehicle Information Number that has a unique serial number.
10.A person's credit worthiness is given a number value to show their ability to afford a car loan.
11.The interest rate is usually higher on this automobile because of its age.
14.Insert the key here to start the automobile.
15.An extra tire that's kept in the trunk in case of a flat tire.
16.A vehicles that uses a lot of fuel is called this.
20.No one should operate a motor vehicle while sending messages on the phone.
22.This phrase means that the vehicle was owned only once.
24.A liquid, sometimes called antifreeze, that's put in the radiator of an auto.
27.License plate affixed to the back of the vehicle to show registration.

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