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Economic Terms

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3.Where people lose their jobs, generally when there is a slowdown in economic activity or growth
7.When people are willing to buy, or start buying goods and services
9.Goods and services we buy from overseas
10.Where prices rise quickly over a period of time
11.The price or cost of borrowing money
1.Prices are determined by the interaction of these two things
2.Where governments sell off government owned businesses to investors
4.The value of one currency in terms of another. An increase in its value is called an appreciation and a decrease is called a depreciation
5.Where goods and services are imported and exported between countries
6.When income starts rising in the community and living standards often start to improve
7.The process in which markets for labour, capital (money), enterprise and businesses become increasingly integrated and are linked on a global scale
8.Goods and services we sell overseas

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