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B.C. 's Logging Industry

By: Vanessa, Meghan, Garrett, Ryan

Write in the words from our lesson on the crossword.

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4.One of the most controversial forestry practices in B.C. is the exporting of ____________, or unprocessed, logs.
5.since the 1800's, wood products from B.C. have been shipped all around the..
7._________ and agriculture areas make ip only about 2 percent of the province
8.to reduce in force or intensity
9.As british columbia's _______________ and economy have grown, so too have demands placed on the land and on the resource base.
13.The settlement of the _____________ provided new markets for lumber as B.C's trade shifted east-west after confederation
14.Workers are ________ _____ when the demand for forest products goes down
16.Cover about 60 million hectares in British Columbia
17.Selective ____________, which is more expansive than clear-cutting, does less harm to the forest floor.
19.Old-growth ___________ can be from 120 to 250 years old.
20.economic value added to a product at each stage of its production
22.having a number of economic activities to avoid dependence on one industry
24.nurturing tree growth from seed to maturity
26.__________ -cutting, is when all the trees in one area are removed at the same time. Is probably one of the most controversial forest practices.
27.For __________________ peoples, old-growth forests play a central role in their cultures, providing builing materials for canoes and totem poles as well as sites for ceremonies
28.During years of expansion, uncontrolled ____________ and wasteful logging practices went unmanaged by the government
29.cooperative planning and management of environmental resources with the goal of sustaining those resources
31.Old-growth trees can be as high as 100 __________ and provide organic material for a complex ecosystem in the trees and forest floor.
32._______________ in the forest industry in 1900 was about $2 million. Only 10 years later it grew to $65 million
1.A 2008 study by Simon __________ University suggests that old-growth forests play a complex role in the enviorment, and that leaving them makes more economic sense than cutting them down.
2.Forests act as _________ sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide. Dead trees stop storing carbon-they actually begin to release the stored carbon back into the atmosphere
3.For communities in B.C's interior, the pine beetle infestation is a natural _________________.
6.The expansion of Canada's ______________ system benefited the lumber industry in B.C
10.The pine beetle _________________ began around the year of 2000. The _____________ grew rapidly for many reasons.
11.48 million hectares are considered provincial...
12.___________ is maintained when a resource is not used faster than the time it takes to replace it.
15.in 2008, more than 80,000 _________ relied on the forest industry
18.In 1992, the provincial government set a goal of ______________ 12 percent of B.C's forest and parkland
21.The ____________ ________________ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
23.80 _______________ of british columbia's mature pine forests are expected to be killed by pine beetles, a catastrophe that will significantly reduce the provinces wood supply by 2013.
25.The 1912__________ ________ established a forest service to enforce new regulations. Proposed by the Royal Commission on Timber and Forestry
30.The mountain ___________ beetle, is about the size of a grain of rice, tunnels through tree bark to lay its eggs.

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