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NBA Crossword Puzzle

Solomon Osazuwa Ukhuegbe Jr

1 2 3
  6                     7        
11       12                    
13                             14
16                       17                 18  

6.Current Head coach for the New York Knicks.
8.This player has been in the NBA for 16 years and played all of those years with the San Antonio Spurs. (Still plays with the team.)
9.He is the tallest NBA player to ever play the "Point Guard" Position.
10.This NBA Player won the NBA scoring title for the 2012-2013 season. And plays with the New York Knicks currently.
11.Current head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder.
13.He is a 6 time NBA champion and current owner of the Charlotte Hornets.
16.This player plays the starting Small Forward position for the OKC Thunder. Also nicknamed "KD35"
17.Current head coach for the Denver Nuggets.
19.He plays starting shooting guard for the Houston Rockets and is known very well for his big beard.
20.He plays on Miami Heat and also won this year MVP award.
21.This player plays for the Miami Heat. He is nicknamed D-Wade and Flash.
1.This player is the Miami Heat current sixth man, and is nicknamed "Jesus".
2.The current NBA Dunk Champion as of the 2012- 2013 season. He also plays for the Toronto Raptors.
3.Current head coach for the Toronto Raptors.
4.This team is the most current NBA champions. And is nicknamed the "Big 3" because of Wade, James and Bosh.
5.He was the first selection of the 2012 NBA draft.
7.The New Orleans Pelicans old team name.
12.Current head coach of the Chicago Bulls.
14.This player is Nicknamed the Black Mamba. And is a six time NBA champion, also wears jersey number 24.
15.Most current NBA three-Point shootout cahmpion.
18.This player came to the Toronto raptors due to a 3 way team trade in the middle of the last NBA season. He also wears jersey number 22.

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