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Apollo 11 Crossword

History as Prologue

This month, (July), marks the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. On July 20, 1969, NASA astronauts landed a "lunar module" on the surface of the earth. The following day, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.

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1.Moon region, Sea of __________; Base call sign for lunar module landed.
4.President who personally greeted Apollo 11 astronauts after recovery.
6.Portion of the left propeller of the original ______ Flyer I was taken to the moon by Armstrong.
9.Piloted the command module of Apollo 11.
12.Abbreviation for U.S. civilian space agency.
13.Armstrong received a professorship at the University of __________.
15.Second manned space program by NASA
16.President who established goal of landing a man on the moon.
17.Apollo 1 pilot killed in the Apollo 1 launch pad fire.
20.Ohio birthplace of Neil Armstrong.
22.Mitchell, IN native, command pilot killed in the Apollo 1 launch pad fire.
26.Instrument played by Neil Armstrong while playing in the Purdue All-American Marching Band.
27.Call sign for lunar module in flight; Armstrong's highest Scout rank.
28.NASA control center in Houston, TX.
1.Nasty orange breakfast drink that was NOT use on Apollo 11
2.Space project name for moon landings.
3.Second man to walk on the Moon.
5.Armstrong's fighter-bomber was shot down during this war.
7.Recovery ship for Apollo 11, named after famed WWII carrier.
8.Senior pilot killed in the Apollo 1 launch pad fire.
10.National Air and Space Museum houses Apollo 11 capsule in this museum system.
11.Ocean in which the Apollo 11 space capsule landed.
12.Neil Armstrong served in this branch of the armed forces.
14.Florida Cape from which all Mercury, Gemini and Space Shuttle missions were launched.
18.Call sign for the Apollo 11 command module.
19.First manned space project undertaken by NASA
21.First man to walk upon the surface of the Moon.
23.Medal honoring deceased Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri _________ was left on the Moon by Armstrong.
24.Armstrong's undergraduate alma matter.
25.Natural satellite of Earth; landing objective of Project Apollo.

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