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The Crucible Unit Review

Ms. Tyndall

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1.Abby accuses Elizabeth because she wants to marry _____.
2.Elizabeth believes John's decision to hang has let him regain his ___.
6.Parris has heard __ in the village about Abby and John.
9.Hale is a witchcraft ___.
12.Danforth fears he will look ____ if the girls' accusations are false.
13.A severe test or trial.
15.Johns refuses to give up his good ____.
16.Elizabeeth tells Hale she does not believe in ____.
18.The ___ trials of the 1950's parallel the Salem Withch Trials.
22.Betty acts like she is in a trance in order to avoid _____.
24.In Act II Elizabeth thinks John is still interested in ___.
25.Mary tells Danforth the girls are _____.
32.The accused can save themselves by __ to witchcraft.
34.Hale urges Elizabeth to ___ John to confess to witchcraft.
35.Rebecca is accused of the ____ of Goody Putnam's babies.
36.Salem's type of government.
37.Elizabeth tells John she was not a ____ wife.
38.Elizabeth blames ____ for John's affair.
39.Abby ___ the other girls to keep quiet about what they did in the woods.
1.Danforth needs John's confession to ___ the hangings.
3.Cheever finds a doll with a __ in its belly at the Proctor home.
4.In court, the girls ___ everything Mary says.
5.Giles is ____ to death with stones.
7.Mary tells the Proctors she is an ___ of the court.
8.John tells Hale he missed church because his wife was ___.
10.Danforth does not want people to doubt the ____ of the trials
11.Hale came to visit the Proctors because he had ____ about them.
14.Parris accuses John of trying to ___ the court.
17.Danforth tells John that Elizabeth is ___.
19.Elizabeth tells John he must face his own ___when deciding to confess.
20.In court, John admits he had an _____with Abby.
21.In court the girls pretend that Mary's ___ is coming to get them.
23.Elizabeth ___ about the affair to protect John
25.Corey accuses Putnam of using the witch trials to gain ____.
26.___ wants the accused to confess and their lives.
27.Parris caught the girls ___ in the woods.
28.Hale realizes the accused could be ____.
29.The arrest of ___ proves the town has gone mad.
30.Parris is concerned he will lose his job if ___ is found in his home.
31.Danforth will not ___ the hangings..
33.The witch accusations were motivated by ___.
35.Parris says Abby ran off with his ____.

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