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Periodic Table of Elements Crossword Puzzle

Jessica Shou

Read the clues and solve the crossword puzzle.

1           2  
3   4
  5 6   7  
11                         12  

1.group 17 and has 7 valence electrons
9.they are all radioactive, can't fit on the periodic table, and are transition metals
11.this states that the properties of an element change periodically along with the atomic numbers of the elements (2 Words)
13.these are elements that have a full outer shell (2 Words)
15.the periodic table is organized _______
16.the majority of elements are in this group/family (2 Words)
17.he arranged the periodic table by asscending atomic number
18.the vertical collumns on the periodic table and also called groups
19.this region/class is shiny, ductile, malleable, and good conductors
20.the most reactive element in the alkali metals
2.this region/class is not malleable or ductile, and brittle
3.he arranged the periodic table by increasing atomic mass
4.group 18 and the only group with a full outer shell (8 valence electrons) (2 Words)
5.this region/class is hard, very brittle, and good conductors
6.this group/family has 2 valence electrons and is less reactive than group 1 (3 Words)
7.the horizontal lines on the periodic table
8.also the number of protons in an element (2 Words)
10.this group/family has 1 valence electron and is the most reactive group (2 Words)
12.this includes an element's name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass (2 Words)
14.doesn't belong to any group

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