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Crossword Puzzle

Sonam Dorji, Teacher Nganglam HSS, Pemagatshel Bhutan.

Incorporated in Class VIII science text book. 2013

1     2      
  6               7 8        
  11 12          
      14         15
17               18            

1.A tablet containing a weak base that neutralizes excess stomach acid.
4.Acid present in fizzy drink.
6.The acid has ___ion as potive charge ion.
7.The rain water below the pH of 5.6 on pH scale is ____ .
9.A chemical that changes colour in acidic or basic solutions.
10.The bee sting and ant sting contains _____acid.
12.Common name for sodium bicarbonate is_____ soda.
14.A lemon contains ___ acid.
17.The acid reacts with base to produce salt and water is ___ reaction.
19.______ bases ionises partially in aqueous solution.
20.A base that dissolves in water.
2.Acid present in tomato.
3.Feels slippery or soapy to touch.
5.It turns red in acid and blue in base.
6.The base has ___ ion as negative charge ion.
8.The gas evolved when metal carbonate reacts with acid.
11.A sour taste solution containing acetic acid.
13.Common name for sodium hydroxide is ____ soda.
15.When power plants burn ______, they release sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other air pollutants.
16.The nature of substance with pH 7.
18.___ acids ionises completely in water.

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