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Art terms Crossword Puzzle

6th and 7th grade

Directions: Use your collection of vocabulary terms to fill in the puzzle. If a term is more than one word, then leave a space in between each word.

1 2     3  
  6 7    
  12 13    

2.element of art that is derived from reflected light
4.element of art that refers to an object with three dimensions
8.area of a picture that appears the farthest away in a 3-D illusion
9.the intermediate zone of space, between foreground and background
11.are of a picture that appears nearest to the viewer
14.area clearly set off by one or more of the other six visual elements of art
15.the lightness and darkness of a hue
16.the basic visual components that an artist uses to create visual art
17.element of art that refers to how things feel, or as though they might feel
1.extreme differences in colors, values, textures, and other elements
3.line of uniform thickness around the outer edge of a form
5.unique character of a line
6.empty spaces between the shapes or forms in 2-D and 3-D art
7.any surface on which a picture is drawn or painted
10.the brightness or dullness of a hue
12.principle of art that arranges elements in a work so they seem "weighted"
13.name of a color
14.distance or area between, around, above, below, and within things

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