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Roushan Ahmed

Hint: spaces are removed.

1               2       3
4                         5  
    7 8      
9       10 11        
      14                 15                    
18                                         19 20  
  23                   24                

1.Consumer surplus + producer surplus
4.Cost of money [P( 1 + r )^(t)]
12.Shows different combinations of goods one can consume that give the same utility
14.Determines whether a good is complement or a substitute
18.I will buy the good regardless of price change
23.Cost advantage that comes with increased output of a product
25.If the price decreases, the demand for the good increases
26.Area between demand curve and price line
27.A direct payment made to run a business or firm; wage
28.Total satisfaction
2.Shows the relationship of inputs and outputs
3.Marginal utility divided by the price of the good
4.The indirect payment made to run a business; opportunity cost
5.When marginal benefit = marginal cost (MB=MC)
6.Value of money over time [FV/ (1 + r)t]
7.Describes all the combinations of the goods and services one can afford
8.I will not buy the good if there is any price change
9.Revenue minus explicit cost
10.L-shaped indifference curve
11.Indifference curves with a constant slope
13.Change in total cost of producing one more unit of that item
15.How quantity (demanded or supplied) of one good changes from a change in its price
16.Determines whether a good in normal or inferior
17.Revenue minus implicit and explicit cost
19.A cost that can change
20.Area between supply curve and price line
21.Inefficient allocation of goods and services; when there is a dead-weight loss
22.Cost that cannot be recovered; time
24.A cost that remains the same (usually in the short run)

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