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Biological Psychology pgs 84-88

Introduction to Psychology

Spaces between words have been eliminated. However, the clue will tell you how many words are in the answer.

1 2
  3     4      
5 6          
7                               8
10           11 12          
  15 16                

3.a gap, at terminal point of axon branch which releases neurotransmitters (chemicals)
6.This organ weighs three pounds the most complicated structure in the known universe according to the textbook
7.chemicals specialized for communications neuron to neuron
9.the end of the axon, also known as the synaptic knob (2 words) (2 Words)
10.electrical events transmit info ____ neurons
12.chemical events transmit info _____ neurons
13.glial cells wrapped around axons act as insulators to neuron's signal (2 Words)
16.reabsorption of chemicals back into axon terminal
17.in the central region of the neuron, also known as the soma, keeps the neuron alive 2 words (2 Words)
18.also known as ____ of Ranvier, these are gaps in the myelins sheath (insulation) of an axon, which helps the conduction of nerve impulses
19._____ law; either neuron fires or it doesn't (3 words) (3 Words)
1.projection that picks up impulses from other neurons, listesn in on messages
2.abbrev. of multiple schlerosis, disintegration of myelin sheath
4.electrical impulse that travels down the axon, trigger release of neurotransmitters (2 words) (2 Words)
5.sacs inside the axon terminal that contain chemicals (neurotransmitters) 2 words (2 Words)
8.area of the synapse where communication occurs 2 words (2 Words)
11.the "glue", a substantial player in the function and maintenance of neurons (2 Words)
14.nerve cell specialized for communication in the nervous system
15.sends messages, carries neural impulses to other neurons

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