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Civil Rights Crossword Puzzle

Juan Rivera

Important people and event that affected the civil rights movement.

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3.The Birmingham police chief, known for having a strong believe in segregation, and the person who brutally beat freedom marchers with high pressured hoes.
5.The most segregated city in the 1960's, where a brutally beaten occurred to freedom marchers ordered by the the police cheif.
7.People who would march for rights, or against something they believed is unfair.
9.To breaks laws that you believe are unfair but accepting the consequences to make a point.
11.The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
15.The Student Nonviolent Coordination Comittee.
18.To sit at segregated counters, and waited to be served or stay there till the store closes.
19.Nine African American students chosen first to integrate schools, depending how well they did, would determine if schools could interagregate.
20.An African American women who refused to give her sit to a white; started the Montgomery bus boycott.
1.The 35th president of the Untied States, supported the civil rights movement.
2.A boycott where African Americans stopped using the buses for over a year, because of segregation in buses.
4.To separate a group of people because or their traits, skin in particular.
6.Known for being the leader of the civil rights movement, and is famous for giving the "I Have Dream" Speech.
8.Laws that segregated and limited African American Rights.
10.To leave out or offend someone because of their skin.
12.People who would ride in segregated buses sitting where in areas that they where not prohibited, in act to try to desegregate the buses in the south.
13.An African American boy who was brutally beaten to death after he offend a white women.
14.A case where Brown shows how black kids think whites are superior, and this leads to the desegregation of schools.
16.To rebel (usually in large scales), by no longer buying or using something to affect businesses, so they accept your terms and conditions.
17.A strong influence in America during the 1960's, was a member of the Nation of Islam, but was assassinated after he left.

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