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Synarthroses & Amphiarthroses Joints

Mrs. Thompson

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3.do not connect directly to another bone - like the shoulder or elbow
7.the skull and pelvis have this type of joint
9.those squiggly lines joining the bone plates
13.the scientific name of the connective tissue consisting of bundles of really strong, collagen-dense connective fibers
16.starts out as cartilage but transforms to bone usually before adulthood
17.bones connected by broad flattened disks of fibrocartilage - like the "cushions" between vertebrae
1.the intervertebral disks located in between each of your spinal vertebra
2.joints that are slightly movable
4.classification of joints by degree of movement
5.bones connected by interosseous ligaments, such as between the radius and ulna
6.a joint found only between bones of the skull that are united by a thin layer or fibrous tissue
8.wedge-and-groove joints
10.joints that are (or become) immoveable
11.peg-and-socket joint involving a conical body being inserted into a socket - like how the roots of your teeth are imbedded into your jaw.
12.classification of joints by how the bones are connected to each other
14.the Latin word for joint meaning "to join"
15.Formed wherever bones connect to other bones.

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