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Newton's Third Law of Motion Crossword

Simon Han, Armaan Rashid

Use these terms to learn more about Newton's Third Law!!!

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  4         5    
7   8            

1.A push or a pull.
4.Pseudonym for reacting force on an object.
6.Balanced forces ______.
7.This is what two forces do to each other.
9.An "action" and "reaction" are a _____ of forces.
11.Pseudonym for initial force on an object.
12.Scientist who created the three laws of motion.
2.Balanced forces are equal and ______.
3.Equal and opposite forces are _______
5.Desire of an object to not change its motion.
8.Newton's law involving actions and reactions. (2 Words)
10.State in which one object's distance from another is changing.

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