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Geometry End-of-Course Vocabulary

Ms. Morgante

This puzzle includes a all of the vocabulary required on the end of course exam.

1       2       3 4      
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  23                         24 25                  
  29     30 31                    
          32 33                        
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    40             41     42 43           44
45       46                            
  47     48   49  
    50                     51  
    55 56     57         58
59   60                  
62               63          

2.3-D figure that is similar to a pyramid but with a circular base.
4.A platonic hexahedron.
5.10-sided 2-D figure.
7.Chord that passes through the center of a circle.
8.A statement or assumption that is taken to be true without proof.
10.Same shape and same size.
11.7-sided 2-D figure.
12.Number of square units covering a 2-D surface.
17.3-sided 2-D figure.
18.A specific location in space that has no length or width.
20.Segment of a triangle extending from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side.
21.Side in a right triangle opposite the right angle.
22.An operation where an image is created from a pre image.
23.4-sided 2-D figure.
25.Branch of mathematics that explores the position, size, and shape of figures.
27.A transformation that produces an image over a given line.
28.Line in space that touches a circle at exactly one point 90-degrees to the radius.
29.Part of a circle.
31.A logical arguement resulting in a truth.
33.The distance around a circle.
34.11-sided 2-D figure.
36.Portion of a line.
38.12-sided 3-D figure created from regular pentagons.
39.Lines that are a constant distance from each other and lie in the same plane with equal slopes.
40.9-sided 2-D figure.
43.Two rays or line segments extending from a common endpoint.
45.A side of a polyhedron.
46.Ratio of any two corresponding lengths of two similar figures.
50.The point where three altitudes intersect.
52.Line that intersect at least two parallel lines.
53.Another word for axiom.
54.Line or segment that divides another line or segment or geometric figure into two congruent halves.
57.A figure that is the result of a transformation.
60.The point, in a triangle, where three medians intersect.
61.Distance around a figure created from line segments.
62.Next to.
63.Infinite set of points extending in two opposite directions with no end.
64.3-D figure with two parallel bases that are circular.
1.A 3-D locus of points equidistant from a single point.
2.Segment whose endpoints begin and end on a cirlce.
3.Perpendicular distance from the top of a geometric figure to it's opposite side.
4.A 2-D locus of points equidistant from a given point.
5.A transformation that produces a reduction or enlargement image.
6.A transformation that produces an image about a given point.
9.Line or ray that passes through only two points of a circle.
10.The point where three perpendicular bisectors intersect.
13.2-D diagram that can be folded into a 3-D polyhedron.
14.When a geometric figure is drawn around another geometric figure touching certian points.
16.a^2 + b^2 = c^2
17.4-sided platonic figure created from equilateral triangles.
18.A quadrilateral wich both pairs of opposite sides are parallel.
19."If p, then q." becomes "If not q, then not p."
21.6-sided 2-D figure.
24.8-sided 2-D figure.
26.Two lines that intersect at a 90-degree angle.
30.The point, in a triangle, where three angle bisectors intersect.
31.5-sided 2-D figure.
32.line segment joining two non-adjacent vertices in a polygon.
35.A circle about a sphere that contains a diameter of the sphere.
37.An infinite set of points exending infinitely in only one direction.
39.An infinite 2-D surface define by at least three non-collinear points.
41.20-sided platonic figure created from equilateral triangles.
42.Circles having the same center.
44."If p, then q." become "If q, then p."
47.8-sided 3-D figure created from equilateral triangles.
48.A closed 2-D figure made up of line segments connecting at vertices.
49.A transformation that produces an image over a given distance and direction.
51.The amount of space a 3-D figure occupies.
55.Same shape different size.
56.Line or segment where two planes or face intersect.
58.The point common to two rays that form an angle.
59.Line segment of a circle extending from the center to the circle.

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