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Flush Crossword

Luc Pinigis

3       4 5        
7           8  
    10       11
12                     13  

3.Why did Paine take the job with Tropical Rescue?
5.Grandpa Bobby Faked his __________
7.What did the Waste Tanks do to the waste
9.A Park Ranger puts up signs stating that the water is _____________
12.Name of Dusty Muleman's Son
13.Noah flushed ___ bottles of food coloring down the toilet
14.Paine took _________ ________________ classes
16.Paine after escaping Jail in the beginning of Chapter 13, Which job did he get hired for?
17.Shelly Made Noah go into which restroom?
18.What did Jasper Jr. "accidently" do to the Coral Queen
1.What does Abbey do to attack people?
2.What was Abbey's backpack filled with when Noah had it on the ship?
4.The Newspaper Name which Umlatt reports for
5.Name of the Underwood's new favorite fishing spot
6.The Main color for the food dye used
8.What caused the Coral Queen to set fire?
10.What did the Underwoods' end up seeing at the end of the book?
11.The Reporter's Name
13.How much did Dusty have to pay as a fine?
15.In Chapter 13, who did Abbey attack?

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