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Dental Crossword Puzzle

1 2 3                   4
6                   7                    
  9     10    
      12       13    
14                   15                      
16                           17  
      19 20          
23               24
  25   26                            
    29                       30 31                
  32       33            

3.An abnormal tongue thrust can cause?
6.Increased vertical overlap of the maxillary incisors.
7.The specialized bone cells, which build new bone
14.Orthodontic treatment is categorized as preventive, interceptive and ?
15.An appliance used to retain teeth in their desired position.
16.The specialized bone cells which cause the bone to break down.
18.A small device bonded to teeth to hold the arch wire in place
22.An extraoral radiograph of the bones and tissues of the head (skull)
26.are welded onto the molar bands.
27.An appliance used for maintaining the positions of the teeth and jaws after orthodontic treatment.
28.The removeable appliance commonly used with key to open the appliance and expand the maxillary arch is known as a/an:
29.Any deviation from the normal occlusion due to any etiology is kknown as:
31.A contoured metal wire that provides force when teeth are guided in movement for orthodontics; they fit into Buccal tubes secured to the bands..
33.Another term for fixed orthodontics appliances
34.Term used for class III maloclusion
35.The facial profile that would best describe a Class II Distocclusion
36.Stainless steel ring attached to molars to hold the arch wire and auxiliaries for orthodontics.
1.A lack of vertical overlap of the maxillary incisors, creating an opening of the anterior teeth, is the lack of occlusal or incisal contact..
2.When applying the acid etch solution in a direct bonding procedure, the operator continuously ________ the enamel surface.
3.The facial profile that would best describe a Class III Mesioclusion
4.Removing primary teeth that may be contributing to a malignment of the permanent dentition.
5.A device made from wire or elastic and used to separate molars before fitting and placement of orthodontic bands.
8.Pressure applied to the jaw, causing a distortion.
9.Is designed to promote the expansion of an arch.
10.One principle of tooth movement involving the metbolic process which involves bone bein asorbed under pressure.
11.Condition that occurs when a tooth is not properly aligned with its opposing tooth.
12.Structures that include the teeth, jaws, and surrounding facial bones.
13.Specialty of dentistry designed to prevent, intercept, and correct skeletal and dental problems.
17.Attachments located on brackets and bands that hold arch wires and elastics in place.
19.A class II malocclusion in which the mesiobuccal cusp of the maxillary first molar occludes e mesiobuccal groove of the mandibular first molar
20.A fixed appliance that is cemented on a tooth and has a soldered extension into a space for unerupted teeth is known as a?
21.Excessive protrusion of the maxillary incisors; the horizontal distance between the facial surface of mandibular anteriors and the lingual of maxillary anteriors.
23.An abnormal direction of tooth eruption
24.An external orthodontic appliance that is used to control growth and tooth movement; used in combination with a Facebowused to provide force for movement and used between the maxillary and mandibular arches.
25.Light wire used to hold the arch wire in its bracket.
30.Condition that occurs when teeth are not properly aligned within the arch.
32.Refers to moving a tooth more upright.

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