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Substance Abuse Crossword Puzzle

Bill Zhang

Crossword Puzzle About Stimulant Drugs

2 3  
    4                 5
    7     8  
11                 12  
13 14                        
  15               16  

4.drug that speeds up the body's functions
9.pause in use of drugs, characterized by depressed mood and apathy
10.caused by prolonged use of stimulants
11.inability to sleep
12.stimulant drug found in crystal "meth" forms
14.solid, crystallized form of cocaine
15.addictive drug found in tobacco
17.facility, often a basement, where chemicals are experimented with to create different methamphetamines
18.inability to stop; incessant craving
19.artificially produced stimulant drug
20.stimulant drug made from coca shrub
1.someone who sells drugs, also known as a drug trafficker
2.stimulant drug found in coffee and chocolate
3.possible consequence of drug addiction, a permanent solution to a temporary problem, killing oneself
5.widespread infection of a disease
6.extreme happiness
7.seeing illusions and false images
8.use of drugs in inappropriate or dangerous ways
13.use of drug in overabundance
16.major city involved in the crack cocaine boom in the 1980's, also known as the "Windy City"

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