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The Girls in Their Summer Dresses

J. Spector

A comprehensive quiz on details from Irwin Shaw's classic story

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6.There is a French picture playing at the --
7.The husband admits that one day he will make a --
10.The husband says he looked at the first girl because of her--
11.The husband is originally from which state?
13.The husband thinks, "What a pretty girl, what nice--"
15.Name of the restaurant they plan to dine at
18.The husband says he casually inspects the--
19.The husband's name
20.If the woman is halfway pretty the husband will look at her for about seven--
1.The starring couple's last name
2.This story takes place on which day of the week?
3.The wife says she slept wound aroun her husband like a--
4.Name of the couple that want to take them to the country
5.The specific name of the brandy they order at the bar
8.In which month does this story take place?
9.Stay there long enough and everyone you ever knew will show up there.
12.The wife's name
14.The husband looked at his wife for the first time in the house of Alice--?
16.When the story opens the couple is walking on which Avenue?
17.The couple plan to see which football team play?

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