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Algebra 1 Vocabulary List

Mrs. Forsythe

Use the definitions to complete the puzzles.

Word Bank
absolute value, additive inverse, Algebraically, ascending order, asymptote, At Least, At Most, Axis of Symmetry, base, binomial, coefficient, Coincident Lines, Common ratio, Completing the square, Composite Numbers, Compound Inequalities, Compound interest, Conjugates, Consistent, constant, converse, Dashed Line, Decimal, degree of polynomial, degree of term, Denominator, Dependent, Derived Equation, descending order, difference, distance formula, distributive property, domain restriction, Double root, Elimination Method, equation, excluded Value, Exponential decay, Exponential growth, Exponents, expression, extraneous solution, factored form, function, fundamental function, Geometric sequence, Graph, Graphically, Graphing Method, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equal To, greatest common factor, hypotenuse, Inclusive Value, Inconsistent, Independent, Index, inequality, Infinite Solutions, integer, Intersecting Lines, inverse operations, leading coefficient, legs, Less Than, like terms, Limits, Linear Combination, Linear Equations, Maximum, midpoint, midpoint formula, Minimum, monomial, negative exponents, negative Integer, Negative Reciprocals, Not Equal to, Nth term, number line, Numerator, opposites, Ordered pair, Parabola, Parallel Lines, parent function, Perpendicular Lines, Point of Intersection, polynomial, polynomial term, positive number, Power, power rules, Prefect square, Prime Number, Prime Factorization, Principal aquare root, product, Product of slopes, Property of Equality, Property of Square Root, quadratic equations, Quotient, radical equations, Radical expression, radical function, Radical sign, Radicand, Real solutions, Reciprocal, Reciprocal of a fraction, rise, run, Rounding off, shift, Simple Inequalities, Simplify, Slope, Slope-Intercept Form, Solid Line, solution, Solution of the System, special product, Square root, Standard Form, stretch, substitute, Substitution Method, sum, Symmetry, System of equations, terms, transformation, translation, trinomial, undefined, unlike terms, variable, Vertex, Whole number, x-axis, y-axis, X-intercept, Y-intercept, zero exponents

1 2 3 4 5
  6           7       8           9           10  
      11 12   13      
14         15           16                   17   18                           19              
    21             22 23                          
24                   25                                    
27 28                       29     30         31                   32 33                          
              35                           36                   37  
    38     39     40            
    41     42                                       43    
          44           45                              
            46           47       48    
49                                   50                                 51                  
        52                                       53         54   55                          
                57     58               59 60    
61                         62                                    
        63                         64                        
65   66         67             68       69          
      70         71       72       73                              
        74                           75             76
              77                                     78 79 80   81 82  
                  84       85            
              86                           87         88      
                  90     91                              
        92                           93                
96                                       97                                 98                    
      99 100     101   102                                 103
105                         106                 107  
    108                                                   109                    
110         111                                      
    112                             113    
    114     115                 116                          
          118                                       119          
121                                           122 123               124    
    125                   126                                      
  127         128       129
130 131                           132                       133              
            135 136                        
          138                             139    
      140                                     141                      
143                       144                  

6.power rules (2 Words)
9.vertical axis
16.one of two equal factors of a number (2 Words)
18.lines in the same plane that never intersect and either have the same slope or are vertical lines (2 Words)
19.a number, a variable, or a product of a number and one or more variables
20.horizontal axis
23.the set of rational numbers and the set of irrational numbers together (2 Words)
25.Product of slopes (3 Words)
28.Derived Equation (2 Words)
30.an equation in the form Ax+by=C (2 Words)
33.the distance between 0 and an integer on the number line (2 Words)
35.the standard form of a linear equation is Ax+By=C, where A is greater than or equal to 0, a and b are not both zero, and a, b, and c are integers with a GCF of 1. (2 Words)
36.shows positive numbers to the right of 0, negative numbers to the left of 0. (2 Words)
42.an equation of the form ax2+bx+c=0 where a doesnÕt =0 (2 Words)
45.special product (2 Words)
49.group from least to greatest (2 Words)
50.group from greatest to least (2 Words)
51.a monomial or sume of monomials
52.an equation of the form y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. (2 Words)
53.the steepness of a straight line
55.for any nonzero number a, a^0=1. any nonzero number raised to the zero power is equal to 1 (2 Words)
58.the sum of two monomials
61.carry out the operations; find the value
62.two integers, x and -x; the sum of these two numbers is 0. (2 Words)
63.negative and positive whole numbers
64.any value of a variable that result in a denominator of 0 must be excluded from the domain of the variable. (2 Words)
69.the maximum value (2 Words)
71.the change between two points on a line in an up-and-down direction
73.midpoint formula (2 Words)
75.the statement formed by exchanging the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement
77.two or morelines with one or more common ordered pair. (2 Words)
83.the maximum factor of two or more different numbers (3 Words)
86.a monomial expressed as a product of prime numbers and variables in which no variable has an exponent greater than 1 (2 Words)
87.a factor for an exponential expression
91.a function that contains radical with variables in the radicand (2 Words)
92.greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, less than or equal to.
94.a part of an expression separated by a - or + sign.
95.a set of equations with the same variables (3 Words)
96.more than or equivalent in value to (5 Words)
97.equations that contain radicals with variables in the radicand (2 Words)
98.tells how many times the base is used as a factor
102.domain restriction (2 Words)
104.Simple Inequalities (2 Words)
105.a value of the variable that makes a variable equation true.
106.two whole numbers tat are the same distance from zero on the number line, but are on opposite sides of zero
108.the fraction you get when you exchange the numerator and the denominator (4 Words)
109.a number that has only 1 and itself as factors (2 Words)
111.the greatest degree of any term in the polynomial (3 Words)
112.Radical sign (2 Words)
115.the graph of a quadratic function
116.Inclusive Value (2 Words)
117.the distance d between any two points with coordinates (x1,y1) and (x2, y2) is given by the formula d=Ã(x2-x1)2+(y2-y1)2) (2 Words)
118.Substitution Method (2 Words)
119.the maximum or minimum point of a parabola
120.a number that multiplies a variable
121.adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing both sides of an equation by the same number gives an equivalent equation. (3 Words)
123.more than (2 Words)
125.the answer in substraction
126.the use of addition or subtraction to eliminate one variable and solve a system of equations (2 Words)
131.the bottom number of a fraction
132.line used in a graph of linear inequality to express greater than or less than operation (2 Words)
133.the point halfway between the endpoints of a segment
134.Solution of the System (4 Words)
136.the x coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the x axis
137.the non negative square root of a number (3 Words)
138.the simplest of functions in a family (2 Words)
140.results that are not solutions to the original equation (2 Words)
141.the roots of a quadratic function that are the same number (2 Words)
142.the largest number in a group
143.the y coordinate of a point where a graph crosses the y axis
2.a transformation where a figure is slid from one position to another without being turned.
3.the minimum value (2 Words)
4.a line that a graph approaches
5.a letter that represents a number
7.unlike terms (2 Words)
10.the ratio of successive terms of a geometric sequence (2 Words)
11.the answer in multiplication
12.a special application of exponential growth (2 Words)
15.the answer in addition
17.when the initial amoount decreases by the same percent over a given period of time (2 Words)
21.a pair of numbers in a special order; the numbers help locate points (2 Words)
22.the sides of a right triangle that form the right angle.
26.the sume of three monomials
27.the multiplicativee inverse of a number
29.operations that undo each other; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division. (2 Words)
31.the change between two points on a line in a left-to-right direction
32.integers to the right of the zero on the number line (2 Words)
34.not the same value (3 Words)
37.replace a variable with a number
38.answer in division
39.fundamental function (2 Words)
40.Geometric sequence (2 Words)
41.a movement of a geometric figure
43.polynomial term (2 Words)
44.lines that intersect to form a right angle (2 Words)
46.a common ordered pair for two different lines (3 Words)
47.a system of equations with no ordered pair that satisfy both equations
48.a system of equations that has at least one ordered pair that satisfies both equations
53.Solid Line (2 Words)
54.a system of equations with exactly one solution
56.the smallest number in a group
57.for any real number a does not =0 and any integer n, a^-n=1:a^n (2 Words)
59.the expression that is under the radical sign
65.Property of Square Root (4 Words)
66.a number that has 3 or more factors (2 Words)
67.a number with a square root that is a rational number (2 Words)
68.Coincident Lines (2 Words)
70.two or more inequalities that are connected by the words "and" or "or". (2 Words)
72.Infinite Solutions (2 Words)
74.a geometric property of figures that can be folded and each half matches the other exactly.
76.a mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign, =.
78.Linear Combination (2 Words)
79.the top number of a fraction
80.the vertical line containing the vertex of a parabola (3 Words)
81.Graphing Method (2 Words)
82.the set [0, 1, 2, 3, 4É] (2 Words)
84.the line made from a series of dots that show the location of an ordered pair
85.an expression that contains a square root (2 Words)
88.a monomial that is a real number
89.to add a constant term to a binomial of the form x^2 +bx (3 Words)
90.when an initial amount increases by the same percent oer a given period of time. (2 Words)
93.the coefficient of the term with the highest degree in a polynomial (2 Words)
99.Negative Reciprocals (2 Words)
100.to multiply a sum or difference by a number (2 Words)
101.a number written as the product of its prime factors (2 Words)
107.degree of term (3 Words)
110.a relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element of the range
113.numbers or terms that have the same variable with same exponent (2 Words)
114.integers to the left of zero on the number line (2 Words)
122.Rounding off (2 Words)
124.the side opposite the right angle in a right triangle
127.Binomials of the form aÃb + cÃd and aÃb - cÃd
129.Nth term (2 Words)
130.lower in value than (2 Words)
135.a number written with a dot; valuse of places to the left of the dot are greater than 1. values of places to the right are less than 1.
139.the result of multiplying when factors are the same

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