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Economic Terms Personal Finance

Marquis Dickerson

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3.Financial institution that provides various products and services to its customers, including checking and savings accounts, loans and currency exchange.
5.Used to produce goods and services.
8.An aim or desired result.
9.Use money now to buy goods and services
10.Relies on a system of interdependent market prices to allocate goods, services, and productive resources. (2 Words)
14.A conclusion reached after considering alternatives and their results.
15.Indicates how credit worthy a prospective borrower is likely to be.
16.Payments earned by households for selling or renting their productive resources.
18.Disposable income minus consumption spending.
19.Spending-and-savings plan, based on estimated income and expenses for an individual or organization.
1.Second-best alternative that must be given up when scarce resources are used for one purpose vs. another. (2 Words)
2.Money paid regularly, at a particular rate, for the use of borrowed money.
4.Study of how people, firms and societies choose to allocate scarce resources.
6.Amount of output produced per unit of input used.
7.Persons who desire to conserve their monetary funds to the best of their ability.
11.Money put into a financial account.
12.People employed to do work, producing goods and services.
13.Payments for labor services directly tied to time worked.
15.To buy and use a good or service
17.The quantity and quality of human effort available to produce goods and services.

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