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Economic terms PBF

Roland Wright

3 4      
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4.something a person or orginization plands to achieve in the future; an aim or disired result
5.money set aside for future use in easily-accessed accounts: savings accounts, certificatesof deposits
6.amount of output (goods and services) produced per unit of input (productive resources) used
8.use money now to buy goods and sevices
12.govt activity in estashblishing a framework (rules of the game) in economic life (3 Words)
15.in the context of credit transactions, one of the three Cs of credit
17.to buy and use a good or service
18.anything generally accepted as final payment for goods and sevices
19.spending-and-savings plan, based on estimated income and expenses for an indiviual or organization, covering a specific time period
20.persons who desire to conserve their monetaryfunds to the best of there ability
1.payments for labor services directly tied to time,or to the number of units of output produced
2.economy that relies on a system of interdependence market prices to allocate goods (2 Words)
3.to buy or use a good or service
7.the quantity and quality of human effort available to produce goods and services
9.study of how people, firms and societies choose to allocate scarce resources with alternative uses
10.economic regulation - prescription of price + output for a specific industry
11.a conclusion reached after considering alternatives adn thier results
13.the conditions that exsits because human wants exceed the capacity of availiable resources to satisfy those wants
14.people empolyed to do work, producing goods and services
16.a piece of work usually done on order at an agreed-upon rate. also a paid position of regular employment

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