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Economic Terms PBF

Jacob B.

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3.Resources and goods made and used to produce other goods and services
6.To buy and use a good or service
8.Financial Institution
10.Study of how people, firms and societies choose to allocate scarce resources with alternative uses
11."Gift of nature" that can be used to produce goods and services
13.Arrangement by which a bank holds funds on behalf of a depositor
14.Amount that must be paid or spent to buy or obtain something
16.A conclusion reached after considering alternatives and their results
17.Payments earned by households for selling or renting their productive resources. May include salaries wages, interest and dividends
18.Decision made or course of action taken when faced with a set of alternatives
19.Spending-and-savings plan, based on estimated income and expenses for an individual or organization, covering a specific time period
1.Something a person or organization plans to achieve in the future
2.Payments for goods and services
4.In the context of credit transactions
5.Money paid regulary to a person, often parent to child; sometimes in compensation for services rendered
7.Reward or benefit, such as money, advantage or good feeling
9.The quantity and quality of human effort available to produce goods and services
12.A piece of work usually done on order at an agreed-upon rate. Also a paid postiton of regular employment
15.Payments earned by households for selling or rentingtheir productive resources
16.Money put into a financial account

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