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8th Grade Number Sense Crossword

L. Reed

1     2       3 4 5               6   7
8               9          
  11               12    
16 17       18  
  21 22           23            
    24 25        
26                 27     28  
29       30     31           32    
35   36                            
    37   38                      
    39   40          

1.a number that is represented by a letter or symbol
4.a fraction that has no common factors in the numerator and denomenator
8.any number that can be written as the ratio of two integers
9.the set of rational and irrational numbers
10.a comparison of two numbers by division
11.the top number in a fraction
13.the biggest number minus the smallest number
15.the set of positive numbers without the 0.
19.the set of nonnegative numbers including 0
22.a number's distance from zero
26.the process of using order of operations to combine terms
30.a(b + c) = ab + ac
33.the process of removing common factors from a numerator and denomenator to create a fraction with smaller numbers
34.word used to descrbe equality
35.a mathematical phrase that does not contain an equal sign and can only be simplified
37.a + b = b + a or ab = ba
39.word used to describe multiplication
2.the set of whole numbers and their opposite
3.simplifying by replacing variables with values and following order of operations
5.a decimal number that is nonrepeating and never ends or the square root of a nonperfect square
6.numbers that are the same distance from zero
7.another name for reciprocal
12.two numbers whose product is 1. The flip of a fraction.
13.a ratio that compares two quantities
14.the process of finding a value for a variable in an equation or simplifying an expression.
16.terms or numbers that are multiplied together
17.in a set of data, the data item that shows up the most
18.the middle number in a set of ordered data
20.(a + b) + c = a + (b + c) or (ab)c = a(bc)
21.word used to describe addition
23.a decimal number with digits that do not go on forever
24.word used to describe subtraction
25.the bottom number in a fraction
27.word used to describe division
28.a mathematical sentence showing both sides have the same value. Must have an equal sign.
29.a nonterminating decimal in which a sequence of digits keep repeating . A bar is used to show what repeats.
31.a number, a variable, or the product or quotient of a number and a variable
32.a fraction whose numerator is bigger than the denominator
36.word used to describe multiplication
38.the sum of a set of numbers all divided by the number of elements in the set
40.word used to describe multiplication

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