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PGE2014 Session 3 - finance


1 2 3
4       5            
7         8              

4.system of buying debts for less than they are worth and getting payment for them from debtors
6.job of keeping a record of the money that has been spent or received by a small business
7.sums of money paid by a customer for a bank's services
9.amount of money that a bank customer with an account is temporarily allowed to owe the bank
12.calculation of someone's ability to pay back money which they have borrowed
1.money which is immediately available
2.a company financial statement showing revenues and expenses for a given period
3.economic indicator of a company calculated by multiplying number of shares outstanding by share price
5.operating a business while not having enough money to pay creditors and employees
8.the maximum amount of money a bank will allow you to borrow
9.amounts of money that regularly have to be spent
10.amount which is less than the level that was expected or needed
11.someone who owes money

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