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ball games

thomas grech

stuff to do with ball games

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    6 7 8
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1.when a player does not handall it to another player
5.when a number of players crowd over the ball and the ball doesn't get anywhere the umpire gives a signal to
9.in AFL which ever team wins the game the club ........ will be anounced in the stadium
11.a AFL player needs to ........ it to hiself if e wishes to run with the ball
12.what do you call a player that grabs another player above the shoulders
16.a term when a AFL player catches the ball
17.something happens when you get penalised
18.what type of ball do AFL players use
19.you need to .......... it to another player
1.when the umpire throws the ball up into the air a player ...... to nother player from their own team
2.what shape of pitch do AFL players play on
3.when another player kicks the hand of anothr player while the other player is trying to grab the ball
4.when a player has possesion o the ball and does not bounce it to hiself
6.when another player does something worse than a free kick
7.what do you call a person who kicks a ball through two posts
8.anothr player pushes a player in the ....
10.when a player kicks it out on the ....
13.what team in the AFL won the premiership for 2014
14.there are 4 ....... in a game of AFL
15.another name for Bombers

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