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Economic Systems

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3.Command economies are characteristic of nations that embrace the political ideology of _______.
5.______ is the term used to describe a hands-off approach by the government towards the economy
7.Critics of a market economy claim it leads to _____ among the population.
12.Critics of command economies claim that ________ workers are rewarded because everyone is treated the same
13.Those who believe in market economies think that the more you trade with another nation the less likely you are to go to ____ with that nation.
14.Market economies are characterized by a hands-off approach to the economy by the _____,
1.Critics of market economies claim that they result in _________ between the few that are wealthy and the many that are poor.
2._____ are people that start a business.
4.Traditional economies do not use ________ as a medium for trade.
6.Money allows ________ and producers to connect with each other much more effieciently than bartering.
8.A traditional economy is characterized by the ______________ of goods in which two people trade their possessions with each other.
9.Another word used to describe market economies is ________.
10.____ is a place where goods and services are bought and sold
11._____ was formerly called the Soviet Union.

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