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EQ and Volcano

Mrs. VH

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1.small are in the mantle that is hotter than the surrounding area
4.supervolcanoes have very large _____
9.type of volcano with layers of lava and sand and cinders and ash
12.secondary waves shake the ground _____ to the direction they move
14.shield volcanoes are composed of thin ____ flows that have built up
15.magma flows upward because it is hot and becomes less ______
16.breaking and movement of these can cause earthquakes
21.opening in earth's crust where magma flows from
22.plates collide and one plate moves under the other plate
23.the direction that primary waves travel
24.most EQ occur along these
28.volcanoes form here when plates move away from each other
29.volcanoes occur along boundaries because the crust there is ______
34.cinder cone volcanoes are only about ____ feet high
35.one of the methods used to distinguish a volcano
37.volcanoes can create new ________
39.plate that carries the Hawaiian Islands
41.volcano that is recently erupted and may erupt soon
43.chain of volcanic islands located at a plate boundary
45.islands that are island arcs
47.pattern of lines created by a seismograph
48.state that formed because of a hot spot
49.volcano that has not erupted for thousands of years
50.surface waves move the Earth like this kind of wave
51.wave that does the most damage
2.high density mixture of hot, dry rock fragments and hot gas erupted at high speeds
3.wave that arrives second at the seismograph
5.part of the Earth that only primary waves can travel through
6.volcanoes form here when an oceanic plate dives under another plate
7.shield volcanoes have this type of slope
8.another name for a composite volcano
10.the last super volcano occurred 74,000 years ago in _________
11.surface waves can only travel through this part of the Earth
13.edge of the Pacific Plate where it is very common to find volcanoes and EQ
17.this can also cause magma to be forced up out of the Earth
18.measurement of EQ strength
19.this is the location of a continental hot spot
20.wave that arrives first at the seismograph
25.Hawaii is this type of volcano
26.when magma rises between dividing plates
27.instrument that records and detects seismic waves
30.point beneath Earth's surface where the rock breaks and triggers an EQ
31.volcano in Hawaii that is still growing
32.sudden and violent shaking of the ground
33.volcano that has not erupted in a long time but may in the future
35.point on the surface of earth directly above the point where the EQ occurs
36.hill or mountain formed by material from the mantle being forced upward
38.seismic waves transfer or carry this
40.type of slopes on a composite volcano
42.mountains that form from California to British Columbia
44.cinder cone volcanoes have very little lava but are made mostly of this
46.the hot lava from volcanoes can ___ trees and land

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