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Chorus Vocab Crossword Puzzle

1 2
3 4                  
    6     7  
  8       9    
10                       11           12
13                         14      
17                     18                    
20                       21 22   23
  24 25                            
  27 28            
29                   30            
32                 33                  
34         35            

4.Separate lines for each vocal line
6.Da Capo-To the beginning
10.Double barline preceded by two dots telling performer to play again
11.Smooth and connected
13.Small, individual line for a note beyond the 5 lines/4 spaces of the staff
14.Lower male voice
15.Short and detached
17.Treble and Bass staffs connected by a brace to be performed simultaneously
18.Medium Loud
20.Combined vocal lines (Sop/Alto, Ten/Bass)
21.Del Segno-To the sign
25.Numbers stacked that tell performer what note gets the beat/how many beats per measure
26.A strong pause in a musical line
28.The end
29.Slow down
30.Higher female voice
32.Syllables representing relationships between pitches
33.Very Loud
34.Lower female voice
35.Go back to the original tempo
36.Symbol indicating higher pitches. Used for Sopranos and Altos (and tenor in open score)
1.Medium Soft
2.A measurement of time (a small chunk of music) made up of a specified number of beats
3.A pattern of notes
5.Higher male voice
7.Very Soft
8.Gradually get softer
12.Symbol indicating lower pitches. Used for Tenor and Bass
16.Two barlines indicating the end of the song
19.Set of sharps or flats indicating where "Do" is
20.Tail end portion of the song
22.5 lines and 4 spaces in where music is written
23.Gradually get louder
24.Vertical line dividing staff into small, equal parts (measures)

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