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Max, Bethany, Maya

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1.The oracle given from Apollo said that Perseus must _____ Acrisius
7.What type of sandals did the Nymphs give to Perseus?
9.What did Perseus use to kill Acrisius?
11.What did Perseus take from Graeae in order for them to tell him the location of the Nymphs?
13.Who was chained to a rock and left for the serpent:?
14.What item did Hermes give to Perseus
2.When Perseus visited the Nymphs they gave gim a cap that turned him ______
3.What were the monsters call taht passed around only one eye?
4.What did Perseus use to kill king Polydectes?
5.Perseus & Danae were found on an island
6.Who fell in love with Danae on the island?
8.What did Zeus shift into to see Danae
10.If you looked at the gorgons you would turn into _____
12.Athena gave Perseus a set of bronze ______

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