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Economics Final Review

1 2 3
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4.Device for pooling the savings of many investors in a variety of ways
5.A person who uses a good or service but does not pay for it
7.Situation in which a few firms provide similar products but not identical ones
12.Example of a variable cost (cannot be fixed or expected)
17.The effect of a drop in prices
18.Happens when people buy other goods after the price of a good rises
20.Type of demand that happens when people continue to buy something after the price rises
21.What the government is not allowed to do in free enterprise system
22.Reason why economies become stronger and more efficient with communication between businesses and people
23.Runs most efficiently when one source provides all of the output
1.Issued by a corporation as a way to borrow money
2.Government Payment to support a business or market
3.Must join the Federal Reserve as part of the charter
6.Type of business that has one owner and gets site permits and authorization
8.Person who buys and sells stocks on a minute to minute basis to make profit
9.Amount of money that a person receives above the amount that was invested
10.Funding for a business that is easiest to get for individuals
11.Type of business which provides limited liability for stockholders and long life
13.Who should allow companies to operate their own businesses and maximize profits in the U.S.?
14.Occurs when the cost of raw materials decreases
15.What a corporation has different from the owners and workers than any other business
16.Type of bond that pays a higher level of interest to investors than other bonds
18.Making high risk investments with borrowed money
19.Situation where two to four firms provide 80-95 percent of all output

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